Women are Needed for Aged Care Management Positions

Elderly home care have cultural and geographic differences

The demand for aged care in Australia has been on the rise in recent years. The demand on workforce employment is also at an all time high. One way to fill this shortage is by offering aged care courses to nurses and those who are interested in this noble job. However, there is a conscious effort in picking out female workforce in particular, especially those jobs that require managerial skills.

Aside from the problem regarding the shortage of the workforce, there is also the problem of the current roster of aged care facilities that are being filled up to full capacity. This is obviously due to the fact that a lot of people grow old. Aged care courses can provide the answer to this problem. However, there is also the thing regarding building more facilities to home patients.

Elderly home care have cultural and geographic differences

It is so unfortunate that in Australia’s workforce, women are being left out in this field, especially in the management positions. Results of certain studies have shown this thus Age care courses are being offered to mostly women. This is a sad fact since most of the members of the workforce in aged care are females. Although men are not being discriminated nor being discouraged from applying for a job in aged care, there is more focus on women. And to remedy the lack of female managers and leaders, women must be promoted to higher posts. An age services organization in Australia is starting to look into this.

Age services have shown a lot of progress in the whole country. Even aged care and disability had been given a lot of focus and it had stepped up in terms of development in health care and in upgrading of facilities. But, the sad fact still remains that female workforce members do not have enough representation in leadership positions.

There are a lot of organizations that support the promotion of women to these positions. Aged care in Melbourne workforce members have thrown their full support to this cause saying that women have better understanding in this area of care since they compose a big percentage of it.

Women in managerial positions in aged care barely reach 20 percent in the whole country. There are organizations in aged care in Sydney that are fighting to increase the representation of women in leadership positions to 30 percent. Although some say that the numbers should even be more, some people say that it is still a big step should it become a reality.

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