Why You Should Start Losing Weight Now

Summer is just down the road and a lot of people are off to the gym, trying to lose a bit of weight and tone just a bit more so that they can look amazing in those swimsuits.

Now, there are others who are trying to lose weight because of more important reasons – they’re fighting to live better lives or just live. Obesity is a life-threatening health condition and it must be dealt with before other diseases crop up.

Sadly, there are some who still think that it’s all right to be huge. It’s their life, they’ll be big and plump all they want, sleep all day, watch TV every now and then and eat anything and everything they see.

But, we implore, please, get up now and think about losing weight. To help you decide on doing this, here are some reasons that do make sense:

Cancer risk

Did you know that women have a bigger chance of acquiring this scary disease (specifically endometrial and breast cancer) if you’re bigger? Recovery from cancer will also be faster if you start shedding the pounds ASAP. Now you know. Please lose weight


Obese people are more pre-disposed to this disease because they have higher sugar levels than non-obese individuals. A metabolic disorder or Diabetes causes so many painful complications all over the body from Glaucoma (eye) to foot gangrenes. Lose weight and get rid of the risk of acquiring Diabetes.

Cardiovascular diseases

Obesity is a risk to a bevy of cardiovascular problems such as Atherosclerosis, Pulmonary Heart Disease and Cardiac Dysrhythmias just to name a few. In fact, those with large bellies are sure to have this health problem in the later stages of their lives, causing so many metabolic problems (see Diabetes above). It may be hard but getting rid of those high-cholesterol foods is a start.


No matter how happy you say you are, you will always find yourself in the dumps because of being overweight. And when you’re feeling that, people often turn to food to make themselves feel better. Stop this cycle of cruelty and get rid of that excess weight as soon as possible.

There is nothing wrong with loving the skin you’re in. That should be applauded, even. But there is also nothing wrong with wanting to be better. No, not just look better – BE better in a more holistic sense. And maybe, starting the difficult journey of losing weight can help.

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