What to Do in Case You Encounter a Snake in Your Home

Snakes have always been depicted as evil creatures. From movies to literature, snakes are always at the receiving end of man’s scorn. The mere sighting of a snake is enough for many neighborhoods to arming themselves and killing the animal instead of calling for a professional snake catcher. Perhaps, man is just literally translating the Biblical version of the snake as an animal that is equated with deviousness and sin.

Fire Ball Python Snake wrapped around a branch

However, snakes have just as every right as everyone else or every other creature to live free in this world. In case you chance to encounter a snake and don’t know how best to react, it’s best to call a snake removal expert in your area immediately.

The first rule is for you to leave the snake alone. Snakes are not known to attack people. As much as they can, they want to avoid encountering people. It’s also a good idea to read everything you can about the most common snakes in your area. This is needed so that you know when to call a professional snake catcher and when to best leave it alone.

However, in case you’re very sure that the snake you encountered in your backyard is of the venomous type, don’t ever waste time. You have to act quickly and call that professional snake catcher in Sydney or anywhere else you might be. It’s imperative that the venomous snake be caught and removed from the area by a licensed professional. They know how best to handle such situations so as not to endanger either you or the snake.

Now, if the snake is not venomous and you’re confident that you can contain the snake while waiting for the expert snake removal in Sydney to arrive, you can observe the following.

  • Remain absolutely calm so as not to scare or drive the snake to hide.
  • If the snake is inside your home, open the nearest exit and use a sweeper with a long handle to smoothly brush away the snake towards the door.
  • If you won’t be able to brush away the snake outside and it’s small enough and curled, gently put an empty bucket or pail over the snake. Give the top of the bucket or pail more weight to prevent the snake from escaping.
  • If the snake is large or is not curled, you can herd it towards a corner and try to create a barrier between the snake and the rest of your house. This should make the job of the snake catcher a lot easier.

If you see a snake, you don’t have to kill it right away. They have as much right to live as you. It is best to call professionals who can handle the situation a lot better.

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