The Best Easy to Follow Health and Fitness Routines for Busy Moms

The first time you hold your child, it is the best feeling in the world; perhaps even the happiest days of your life. However, even with all the love and happiness, it is still the day you lose your independence. From here on out, you do not have control over how you spend your own time. You baby/ babies will need you any time of day or night and you have to answer their call with a smile and a “here I am”. Between work and your baby, you may not have time to take care of yourself when it comes to fitness. Even stay at home moms has their own set of issues that keep them too busy. These simple health and fitness tips for busy moms will help you keep fit and healthy.

  1. Play with your children

Forget the laundry, it can wait a few more minutes, and play tag with your kids. Children have an incredible amount of energy and running around in the house is almost the same as running outside only it is much more fun. You get your cardio work out and laugh your lungs out at the same time.

  1. Pack your lunch too

As a mom, You are concerned about what your children eat and yet you eat junk for lunch. Do not be the case4 of people who preach water and drink wine. While packing lunch for your kids, pack yours too so you do not have to eat taka outs, instead, you will enjoy a perfectly healthy meal.

  1. Get your own time to work out

You can work out while at home, even with all your responsibilities. When your kids are taking a nap, take that opportunity to work out your abs and triceps. When your kids are having a play date, make it your time to maybe even go to the gym for a couple of minutes. Ensure that at least once a week you work out with a professional trainer.

  1. Buy a work out DVD

Works out DVDs are lifesavers, literary. You can use them to work out on your own at home. they do not even require you to leave the house. If you go to work, you can wake up 30 minutes early and use them to work out.

  1. Make use of the resources in the park

Parents spend a lot of time with their children in the park. There are so many tools there, except the ice cream that you can use as your health and fitness tips for busy moms.

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