Qualities of a Good Martial Arts Coach

So, you are finally ready to enlist your child to learn self-defense. The next step is scouting for a good coach specializing in children martial arts to man the tutorial sessions. The skill, capacity, knowledge, and training of an instructor could define how well your child learns. That makes this step of choosing a good teacher critical.

The qualities you should be looking for

Depositphotos_90796308_s-2015Before you check the market for a suitable children martial arts instructor, you must first learn what qualities you should be looking for in the first place. Everyone can learn this art of self-defense, everyone can claim he can teach it to others, but only a few can rightfully do so in an efficient manner. That’s exactly what you must be after.

  • Knowledgeable – The first quality you must look for is how knowledgeable the coach is, especially with regards to children martial arts. In order to explain the techniques and the physics and on how they work together for quite a nice performance, one must be fully aware of what the art is all about. In martial arts, there is no single technique that defines each style. There are various techniques within the different styles of martial arts that you need to learn for practical application, and only a knowledgeable instructor can make that possible.
  • Good at Motivation – The ability to engage students and keep them well into the lesson is a skill that only good instructors of mixed martial arts and other defense styles possess. You need to look out for your prospective coach’s ability to pique the interest of his students and maintain their positive attitude towards self-defense in general.
  • Realistic – When it comes to putting expectation against reality, a good instructor provides a fantastic guide point. It is not about earning a black belt status fast but actually mastering the art, no matter which style your child decides to pursue. If he is going for muay Thai kickboxing, he must be able to learn the fundamentals well enough before aiming at tournaments and acing one.
  • Humble – As a mentor, children would look after their martial arts master. If he is arrogant or meek, your child would follow the drill and you definitely would not want any of that.
  • Friendly – There is too much tension that may be involved in the process of learning martial arts, including children taekwondo. That is why it is a must that the instructor is skilled at setting the positive vibes right, to keep children comfortable while learning.
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