Helping Individuals Cope with Life-threatening Issues through Psychological Intervention


According to Medical News Today, suicide rates have dramatically increased in the last decade or so, across age and sex. In Australia, there’s an alarming increase of 54 percent suicide rate among the middle-aged group in year 2014, Sydney Morning Herald reported. There’s a silent outcry to stop this trend and of what better way there is than to seek a psychologist in Sydney. This solution specially holds true as Lifeline Australia, an organization for crisis support, identified loneliness and isolation as critical factors to premature death by suicide.

Why Sydney?                                                                                          

The bustling city of Sydney, capital of New South Wales, is the most populated area in the whole of Australia. There, one can see diverse cultures and races. It’s the melting pot of New South Wales with a rather advanced market economy. The latest in technology, finance, commerce, and tourism are all happening in the corners of Sydney. Even in the realm of psychology, Sydney has got the best to offer.

A typical psychologist in Sydney is already well-trained to handle individual and group therapies. Psychologists handle problems involving human behaviors and emotions. Case problems range marital problems, delayed speech and motor skills, help for depression, post-traumatic stress, and many others.

How psychologists care

Psychologists are more than willing to just sit down with you and listen to how your day has gone. That’s how they care.

Psychologists provide their clients the best treatment appropriate for their case. Schema therapy, for example, is a flexible procedure that pinpoints the specific maladaptive schema or mindset of the patient, causing the maladaptive behavior. Here, depression per se is broken down into schemas like shyness, isolation or feeling of unworthiness. Interventions are only introduced after psychologists have identified the cause of the problem. Psychologists do not give patients a one-size-fits-all treatment. They are careful with their diagnosis, more so with their recommendation. They will handle you with certain degree of respect. Everything you say will be kept confidential, and there will be no judgments.

Thus, if you’re an Aussie fighting your own demons, it’s best to talk to a psychologist. Regardless your age, sex, ethnicity, and status, a psychologist’s care is all you need to unleash your emotional burdens. Although therapy period varies, it’s an assurance that your holistic wellbeing will be revived once you opt to talk to a psychologist. So go ahead, drop that knife. Seek a psychologist in Sydney instead.

No doubt, depression regardless of its causes is crucial. It requires immediate attendance to avoid a more threatening mental condition. Therefore, consulting a therapist is indispensable. Visit

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