Discovering the Perfect Vacuum Sealers for Your House

Keeping food fresh is a must so you can always prepare nutritious and delicious dishes. This is why it is crucial that you use advancements in food technology such as the commercial vacuum sealers. Parents, especially mommies, make sure that they have kitchen utensils, tools and appliances that can help them keep stored food in good condition. As a parent or as an individual who loves cooking, you know that air is the main enemy of any food. Being exposed to air will speed up the food’s spoilage. This happens when oxygen does its “dirty work”. It is therefore necessary to have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen.

What is a vacuum sealer?

SausageVacuum sealer such as the popularly known Cryovac, is a machine that is used to heat-seal a special bag where you put fresh food such as meats, lobster, crabs and other seafood. As the name implies, the machine vacuums out air from the plastic bag so there is no chance for oxygen to spoil the food when already sealed.

The sealer helps in extending the shelf life of any food. This is possible because the growth of spoilage-causing molds and bacteria is prevented. As a result, the food is able to maintain its optimal freshness. These functions of the commercial vacuum sealers have easily convinced many parents to buy one for their homes.

What are the factors to consider when buying?


Aside from the general function of the vacuum sealer mentioned above, look for one that guarantees successful removal of excess oxygen from the food you want to store. Second, it should be able to produce a moisture barrier, which is important because it will allow the food to retain moisture in appropriate amounts. This will keep food such as vegetable salad crisp instead of soggy and limp. Lastly, the best vacuum sealers help in keeping the fullness of your food’s flavor. This is something you’d be thankful for when you want to store leftovers.


Not all food sealers are created equal. The perfect vacuum food sealer machine has features that can greatly help in keeping food fresh for a longer time. Some of the features you should look for include pre-cut heat-seal bags and marinate mode. The pre-cut bags are practical and convenient because it allows you to store food in different amounts. The marinate mode, on the other hand, allows you to marinate meat or fish for a few minutes in the vacuum. The top brands of commercial vacuum sealers have these features.

Every home or food establishments do not run out of leftovers. To avoid such, a food vacuum sealer is the answer.

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