Blepharoplasty -What You Need to Know About This Surgical Repair and Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Eye surgery or eyelift is a cosmetic procedure that reduces bagginess from the lower eyelids and also reduces excess skin in the upper eyelids. Its medical term is blepharoplasty and is offered in many surgical clinics like Concept Cosmetic Medicine. Hence, it’s considered as an effective way of improving eyesight of elderly people whose sagging eyelids caused vision distraction.

While this procedure is commonly for cosmetic reasons, it is also done to address eyelid aging that causes the skin to loss its natural elasticity. During the eyelid aging process, the constant pull of gravity from the sagging skin leads to excessive skin on the upper and lower eyelids. The excess skin or extra folds of skin over the eyelashes causing bulges and wrinkles, and it may get in the way of seeing particularly in older people. This is why blepharoplasty offered in a blepharoplasty Drummoyne clinic is considered a reconstructive and skin rejuvenation procedure especially for elderly patients.

On one hand, skin rejuvenation eye surgery is advisable to people who are 35 years old or up and who are suffering from excess skin on the lower or upper eyelids and experiencing sight distractions caused by sagging and bulging eyelids. Those who have family history of droopy or bulging eyelids are also good candidates and are advised to have the procedure done sooner. While blepharoplasty done in a blepharoplasty Drummoyne like other eye lift surgeries can enhance appearance and self-confidence, future patients are warned that it is not a procedure to alter facial structure and should not expect to result in to their ideal look.

Leading and prominent drummoyne surgeons are also forewarning patients that the procedure is not permanent because skin aging still continues and results may last only up to five years. This is why it is best to discuss it with your surgeon if you plan to have it done in any leading and reputable skin rejuvenation Sydney.

This kind of eyelift surgery is often done in a hospital or a surgical center. The procedure lasts for two hours and patients are usually given anesthesia or oral sedation. Most surgeons doing skin rejuvenation Drummoyne use CO2 or erbium laser so that cut lines or incision won’t be visible. Your surgeon may also use laser resurfacing to soften cut lines and makes it more invisible.

Eyelid lift surgery is one of the safest surgical repair and skin rejuvenation procedures however it is best to seek professional surgeons in order to avoid unwanted results and to achieve your ultimate skin rejuvenation and health goal.
Aging becomes apparent through our skin that’s why skin rejuvenation becomes a sought after solution to at least suspend the aging.

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